Reaper Percussion Tremolo


The Looperstar Reaper Percussion Tremolo is our take on the vintage classic Vox Repeat Percussion. It uses the same 2N2646 uni-junction transistor as the original with some added features like a Cut control which goes from subtle shimmering tremolo to full on throb as well as Fat and Range switches giving a faster (almost ring modulation) and a bigger sound if needed.

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  • BYPASS – Engages the effect
  • SPEED – Controls the speed of the tremolo
  • CUT – Adjusts depth of the tremolo
  • FAT – Original or Fatter sound
  • RANGE – Switch between two different speed ranges


Quality components
100% analogue
True bypass
9v standard power jack (no battery)


Length – 11.5 cm

Width – 7 cm

Height – 5 cm

(including jacks, knobs, feet and switches)