Big Bad Bosstone


The Big Bad Bosstone is our version of that little classic fuzz box which plugged straight into a guitar jack socket. The original Bosstone has been described as a bit thin sounding so we added the Big switch as well as a Juice control to sag the voltage and another switch that toggles between three diode modes.

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  • BYPASS – Engages the effect
  • LEVEL – Controls the overall volume
  • JUICE – Sags the voltage
  • ATTACK – Adds more gain
  • BIG SWITCH – Switches input capacitors for a fatter sound
  • BAD SWITCH – Switches between germanium, silicon + germanium or no diodes


Quality components
100% analogue
True bypass
9v standard power jack (no battery)


Length – 11.5 cm

Width – 7 cm

Height – 5.5 cm

(including jacks, knobs, feet and switches)