Fuzz Junkie V2

The Fuzz Junkie is capable of capturing classic vintage fuzz to heavy modern amp like drive, with blistering amounts of gain as well as some crazy oscillation and gated bleeps too when needed.

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  • BYPASS – Kicks the Fuzz Junkie into life
  • LEVEL – Controls the overall volume. WARNING – half way round will be enough most of the time as the Fuzz Junkie can be freaking loud
  • TONE – From scooped to mosquito treble in one knob
  • FUZZ – Adds dirt and texture to the sound
  • DRIVE – Dictates how much input from the guitar signal hits the effect, adding sustain. Also useful if you have a wah pedal in front of the Fuzz Junkie.
  • FIX – Engages the LOWS and HIGHS causing oscillation and crazy noise
  • LOWS / HIGHS – adjust the frequency of oscillation


Quality components
100% analogue
True bypass
9v standard power jack (no battery)


Length – 14.5 cm

Width – 13 cm

Height – 6.5 cm

(including jacks, knobs, feet and switches)