Fuzz Junkie V1

The Fuzz Junkie is not modelled on any particular classic design although it is capable of sounding like some other fuzz pedals and has some pretty unique characteristics of its own. The main focus when designing the Fuzz Junkie was to create a pedal which is not only easy to dial in standard fuzz sounds but also creates some crazy oscillation effects in a more predictable way.

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  • BYPASS – Engages the Fuzz Junkie
  • FUZZ – Adds more Fuzz
  • DRIVE – Amp like overdrive
  • FILTER – Bass and Treble
  • SCOOP – Increase or decrease the mids
  • CHAOS SWITCH – Adds oscillation
  • CHAOS KNOB – Controls the frequency of the oscillation


Quality components
Retro hammered paint finish
True bypass
Expression pedal input to control Chaos
9v standard centre negative power jack or battery


Length – 15.5 cm

Width – 8.5 cm

Height – 7.5 cm

(including jacks, knobs, feet and switches)