Gold Digger

Gold Into Dreams

Looperstar and M&E join forces to help design and create an Album / Fuzz Pedal in one for psychedelic indie rock band Black Light White Light celebrating their second album ‘Gold Into Dreams.

The album revises the band’s love for classic rock with a heavier focus on the more experimental, psychedelic rock. It as well offers gentle and sensitive moments inspired by live turning moments on 12 new songs wrapped in rich melodies, adventurous soundscapes and instrumental hook lines capturing the band playing live in the studio better than ever recording half of the songs in first takes.

‘Gold Into Dreams’ accounts on the band’s enjoyment of the 60’s bohemian and psych-scene on the American West Coast, that evoke memories of artists The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane and The Seeds. With that in mind, it is still hard not to also draw parallels to the British 1990s Madchester and shoegaze scene with bands such as The Verve, Ride, The Stone Roses and singer Ian Brown, particularly in lead singer Martin’s emotive vocals. The band’s second album will please listeners, who swear to rock and beat music as it sounded in the 60s as well as more modern indie rock and shoegazing embracing recent heydays of the 90’s.

Here is the official video for their latest single, “High Like A Hurricane”

The graphics, color scheme and layout of the Gold Digger pedal was designed by M&E to complement the album artwork, with Looperstar Effects creating the fuzz circuit, PCB and also the method in which the included album mp3 can be downloaded from the pedal to a PC or Mac with the included  3.5mm headphone / USB cable.

The idea for the fuzz part of the pedal was to capture the spirit of 60’s bands but also delve into more experimental crazy sounds with a flick of a switch. The basic fuzz can be  sculpted using the Gain and Tone controls with the Shape knob adding a more retro gated quality to sound. Engaging the Dig switch brings the Gold knob into play  allowing you to go digging for new nuggets of noise, electronic bleeps, oscillation and lower octave synth tones.

I really love the way this pedal / album hybrid has turned out, it has been a real joy to work with M&E and Black Light White Light on this project. In this new era of digital streaming music it is great to find a new way in which bands and artists can get something physical into the hands of their fans.


You can purchase the Album on CD, Vinyl or Gold Digger Pedal from the Black Light White Light website now.


Black Light White Light play melodic, psychedelic indie rock bathed in dirty tremolo, overdrive and reverb. The creative development of the band push the personal as well as the musical boundaries to create memorable moments that draws the listener as well as the musicians into a personal universe, where time and reason are minorities in relation to performance and results. It’s about capturing the moment and embrace it. On September 22 the band released their second album ‘Gold Into Dreams’ recorded with producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith (Trails of Dead, Jet, Dandy Warhols) and mastered at The Lodge in New York by Emily Lazar (Foo Fighters, David Bowie, The Raveonettes).



M&E are Matthew Bolger and Emelie Lidström, an Irish/Swedish creative partnership based in Malmö, Sweden. Inspired by the natural world and human nature, they create imagery which is often described as being simultaneously ominous and humorous. M&E combine photography with graphic material. Through their work they manage to explore multiple styles of design, illustration, photography and typography while retaining their own very distinctive aesthetic and vision of the world.