Clean Mean Boost Machine

A low noise, dual mosfet based boost / preamp pedal designed to take every last essence of your sound and drive whatever follows it in the cleanest or meanest manner.

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New Looperstar Fuzz Junkie Out Now

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The New Fuzz Junkie is designed to give you everything – from vintage tones to heavy modern amp like fuzz, with blistering amounts of gain as well as some controllable crazy oscillating synth like tones too when needed. Every knob you will ever need to sculpt the perfect fuzz tone.


Looperstar Classic Range

FUZZ bite

Fuzz bite

The Looperstar FUZZ bite is based on the 60’s classic silicon fuzz made by the Mosrite (Shin-ei) guitar company.

Silk Road Buffer

Put this little box of magic first in line on your pedal board and your highs will sparkle like never before.

Square Wave

Square Wave

A nasty  little box of noise based on the 70’s Univox Square Wave pedal which wasn’t quite a fuzz or distortion but perhaps a fuzzstortion.

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